At Solar Solutions Düsseldorf, exhibitors distinguish themselves through the products they present, but of course also through the presentation of their own stand. During the festive networking event, the most beautiful stand and the best promotional campaign will be rewarded with the prestigious Solar Solutions Düsseldorf Award.

The Solar Solutions Düsseldorf Best Innovation Award

New products are the focus of Solar Solutions Düsseldorf. In the Event Planner, exhibitors have the opportunity to nominate a product or service that has been on the market for no longer than 12 months. An independent expert jury will award the Best Innovation Award to a product or service that stands out on at least one of the criteria listed below:

  1. Contributes to a positive image for the sector
  2. Significant commercial advantage for the installer / end user
  3. Innovative by nature
  4. Distinctive design

The Solar Solutions Düsseldorf Best Presentation Award

The Best Presentation Award, or award for the most beautiful stand is granted to the exhibitor that scores best on the following five criteria. Not only the stand design is taken into consideration, but also the interaction between stand and staff.

  1. Attractiveness: visually appealing to visitors
  2. Accessibility: welcoming design and staff
  3. Corporate identity: is the company identifiable and has it the right look and feel?
  4. Commercial: is the proposition clear; what does the company offer?
  5. Dynamics: is there enough dynamism at the stand: are there any activities?

The Solar Solutions Düsseldorf Best Promotion Award

The Best Promotion Award is won by the exhibitor who has conducted the best and most effective promotional campaign(s). Each exhibitor receives a unique invitation code which they can distribute to invite their B2B contacts. The exhibitor who manages to get the most pre-registrations wins the Best Promotion Award. For all possibilities on inviting your relations, please refer to the Event Planner.